Hey everyone!

I was up until 9:00 am working on orders, and I’m still waking up now. After a run to the store for provisions, I’ll be working all night and plan to go to the post office tomorrow. If my body quits on me, the latest the trip will happen is Tuesday, so those who need their packages around the 15th for holiday travel/gifting will get them in time. My last post office trip of the year will still be on or before 12/17.

As of right now, today is the last day that you can purchase my tree of life and other custom chain necklaces with gemstone cabochons and have them ship out by the 17th, which will have them arrive by Yule/Christmas.

I still have some killer deals in effect…

Order your custom tree of life necklace with gemstone and chain/cord of your choice for just $10 + S&H! That’s a huge discount! This offer will be open through Sunday or until 15 have sold, whichever comes first. The coupon code “HappyHolidays” is still good for 25% off everything except gift codes and custom/reserved listings… And there are still a few leftover $70 listings for $100 gift certificates!

I’ll be back soon with more awesomeness to share!

Wishing you all much love and many blessings,


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