80 Free Amazon Kindle eBooks

There are a lot of free eBooks out there, and I wanted to create a list of today’s freebies with the best ratings for my friends, customers and fans. Every eBook on this list is free to download at the time this list is published, but please double-check for any cost before downloading. From classic literature to cookbooks, natural health pointers, romance and craft how-tos, there’s something here for everyone, and every item on these lists is rated 3.5-5 stars.

Free eBooks 12/31/13 {Part 1}
Free eBooks 12/31/13 {Part 2}


Free Kindle eBook: Gluten-Free Cookie Recipes

Hey loves! While I work on waking up, I thought I’d share a treat with you… For today at least, this gluten free cookie recipe eBook is free. There are lots of free Kindle books to be found at the moment, and I’m looking forward to sharing more of them with you. As always, please just double-check before downloading to make sure you’re aware of any cost if the price changes.

Free Kindle eBook: Grandma’s Herbal and Homemade Remedies

Ooh, and here’s another promising-looking herbal eBook, currently available for free download! 🙂 Again, just be sure to double-check the price before downloading so there are no surprises.

Free Kindle eBook: Making Herbal Remedies

Heya, lovelies! Look what I found on Amazon for you.  It’s free of charge at the moment, but please double-check to make sure you don’t have a surprise charge when downloading! Also remember that you don’t need a Kindle; there are free apps for pretty much all modern devices.

OOAK Blue Goldstone & Red Crystal Necklace {Custom Pendant}

Jewelry & Pretty Sky 239

This has been sitting in my shop for a while, and I am planning to retire the piece as-is. Before I harvest the beads and offer the pendant on a chain, I thought I’d give y’all one last chance to purchase this piece, either as-is or with a different pendant.


Please get in touch before purchasing if you are interested in a modified piece, to make sure that what you want is available as well as ensure there is no added cost. I can also replace the toggle clasp with a more secure lobster clasp at no additional charge.

New Bits & Pieces


Look at the bits and pieces I got in the mail the other day… Steel Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer) pendants, more of my silver alloy Mystic Heart charms and a large glass malocchio/evil eye pendant. I’m planning on using the glass piece to make a protection talisman to hang near one’s door or an altar, but if you act fast, this can be reserved for a custom order instead. I only have the one for now.

Kitten Loves Rat


I’ve found another adorable critter pic with which to wish you the sweetest of dreams, whenever yours come.

Source unknown on this one. 😦

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