Hail Brighid


It’s pretty much been unintentional that hubby and I have been keeping a recent schedule where we have a tendency to fall asleep around the average person’s breakfast time and wake up when many are most likely thinking about preparing dinner. We have a tendency to be night owls and I think a big part of why that’s so comfortable for us is that we are both pretty strongly empathic; it’s exhausting, sometimes, to shield out all of the crappy energy from other people in our immediate area… But this past week or so, our schedule’s been a bit extreme.

Today, I’m using it to my advantage. I’ve been up for about an hour. Hubby and I are preparing for our first shift tending Brighid’s flame together. I’ve been officially tending the Lady’s flame for almost a year now with Org Brighideach, but I am incredibly excited to now be heading down a fresh devotional path with hubby, as we have joined a smaller group where we share a shift. Every once in a while, I try to stay awake for an entire 24 hour shift, so that I can be mindfully tending the flame during my entire assigned slot. I’m not a kid anymore and I’ve been sicker these days, so it’s not easy to accomplish or recover from, but it feels right and is worth it to me when I am able to make it happen. Now that hubby and I are on this path together, perhaps we can take naps and wake one another, finding a bit more balance in a full shift.

My goals for this shift are few and relatively simple. After running errands — the most important being picking up some meat at the grocery store to cook in my crockpot — I hope to spend most of the shift working on jewelry with and for the Lady, cooking and sharing food with our spirits in a bit of belated Samhain celebration, cleaning my altar, and spending a bit of quiet time with hubby and Brighid.

Wishing you much love and many blessings,


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