Customer Photo: April {Sister Sunshine}


Here’s April’s daughter, modeling the Sister Sunshine rosary that she recently received in the mail. Thanks so much for sharing with us, April!

You can order your own rosary like this one here.

The opposite side of the pendant is smooth; the small carnelian and citrine beads are lushly faceted, sparkly and just gorgeous. The regular price for this piece is $47.99, but you can use the coupon code “Gratitude” to order and receive 20% off, making this less than $40.

~*~ Sister Sunshine: Citrine & Carnelian Pagan Rosary with Triquetra ~*~

This piece is very dear to my heart. I created the original very specifically in honor of the Celtic goddess Brighid, to whom I am devoted. It is named after the Omnia song of the same name, which has always made me think of the Lady.

The main purpose of this piece is to help with fostering positivity, while also stoking creative fires and balancing the solar plexus and sacral chakras. At the same time, it’s an elegant, beautiful way to show your devotion to any sun deity or just to add a pretty accessory to your wardrobe. I infuse each piece with love and peaceful energy, praying to Brighid and requesting that She help bring blessings into the life of the person for whom the piece is made.

The citrine and carnelian beads used in this piece are lushly faceted to reflect light, and they are gorgeous! Aside from the gemstone beads, there is a triquetra pendant in Tibetan silver. I also have a wide array of other pendants, if you’d prefer one of those. Just get in touch to discuss before ordering, please.

Total length is just about 22.5″. I am happy to add an extender chain for no extra charge, or you may contact me about a custom order if you’d like the beaded portion to be longer.


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