Warrior’s Heart Shield in Amethyst


~*~ Warrior’s Heart Shield: Amethyst & Hematite Necklace ~*~


Order this month using the coupon code “Gratitude” to take 20% off your order, and get this beauty for under $37!

This piece is approximately 18.5″ long, but I can add an extender chain on request.

This is delicate strength, a beautiful juxtaposition, and I think it would be a perfect gift for any tough-as-nails mother, wife, sister or friend. Show her how much her strength shines through her beauty, and vice versa. This would also make a wonderful gift for that awesome guy in your life who isn’t afraid of a little sparkle!

~*~ Metaphysical Properties ~*~

Amethyst is a type of quartz. It is calming, harmonizing, and good at drawing peaceful energy. It is a wonderful healing stone, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Amethyst can be used to aid in all kinds of psychic work, including enhancing one’s intuition. It can be used to protect travelers and to ward off psychic attack. Like garnet, amethyst was often worn or carried into battle as a protective amulet. Helpful with past life recall. Really, amethyst is just a generally wonderful all-purpose stone!

Hematite is a very grounding stone, often used in various forms of healing. Black and similar, dark colors are associated with the root chakra, which governs our relationship with the physical world and self-preservation. Magnetic hematite is also believed to have healing properties, particularly in the area of circulation.


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