A special shift…


Sunday is Brighid’s day in our home, and I try to spend a good portion of most Sundays tending my hearth or working on jewelry. I also keep a candle burning always on my altar for Brighid — whenever I am awake — and maintain a flamekeeping shift with Ord Brighideach.

My first official flamekeeping shift was early in 2013, and I’m tickled that my current shift, which began at sundown, overlaps with my birthday. It feels pretty special and I think I will be able to create a powerful talisman to wear and help me connect to Brighid in the days, months and years to come. I am excited to see what I create, and hope to end my 33rd year — and begin my 34th one in this incarnation — on a magical note.

If you’d like to learn more about Org Brighideach, visit their website. In addition to giving flamekeepers a place and tools for organizing, they offer candles to flamekeepers which have been lit from Brighid’s Flame in Kildare; they ask only a small donation to cover their costs. Especially for those who belong to or feel called by Brighid, having a bit of Her flame on your altar is a wonderful thing. I use mine to light tapers, which I then use to light nearly every candle I light for any spiritual purpose. For me, it definitely adds something profound to the simple act of lighting a candle, whatever the purpose.


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